EpsEngine - Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) support for Qt

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PostScript is a computer language for creating vector graphics developped by Adobe Systems. Qt is a cross-platform application development framework, widely used for the development of GUI programs. In their latest major version (Qt5) the possibility to export graphics to PostScript was dropped: the QPrinter::PostScriptFormat option was removed. EpsEngine was developped in order to cover this lack and to enable Qt based applications to easily export graphics to the Encapsulated PostScript format and is already used by >>


  • Using EpsEngine is straightforward, as you may see from the code example bellow:
     void MyClass::exportEPS(const QString& fileName, const QSize& size)
            EpsPaintDevice eps(fileName, size);
            QPainter paint.begin(&eps);
    	// ... perform your painting operations here ...
  • It is possible to encapsulate TIFF preview images (compressed or not):
     void MyClass::exportPreviewEPS(const QString& fileName, const QPixmap& pixmap, int compressionLevel)
            EpsPaintDevice eps(fileName, QSize(500, 400));
            eps.setPreviewPixmap(pixmap, compressionLevel);
            // ... perform your painting operations here ...


EpsEngine can be used on any platform supported by Qt. Both Qt 5 and Qt 4 are supported.


EpsEngine is available under two licenses: an open-source licence (GPL v. 3.0) and a commercial one. Please take a look at the Licensing section for more details.


Ion Vasilief