libqemf - EMF renderer for Qt

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The Enhanced MetaFile format (EMF) is the native vector graphics file format on Windows. Qt is a cross-platform application development framework, widely used for the development of GUI programs. Although it provides tools for almost every aspect of software development, Qt doesn't include a solution for the rendering of the EMF image format. libqemf covers this lack and provides the QEmfRenderer class that enables Qt based applications to easily draw the contents of EMF files onto paint devices.


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Using libqemf is straightforward, as you may see from the code example bellow:
 void EmfViewer::viewEmfFile(const QString& fileName)
	QPixmap pix(QSize(500, 400));
	QPainter painter(&pix);
	QEmf::QEmfRenderer renderer(painter, pix.size());

	QLabel *label = new QLabel;


libqemf is cross platform and can be used on any operating system supported by Qt. Both Qt 5 and Qt 4 are supported.


libqemf is available under two licenses: an open-source licence (GPL v. 3.0) and a commercial one. Please take a look at the Licensing section for more details.


Ion Vasilief