QTeXEngine - TeX support for Qt


QTeXEngine enables Qt based applications to easily export graphics to TeX. It is built on top of QPaintEngine and uses the TikZ/Pgf graphic systems for TeX.
Using QTeXEngine is straightforward, as you may see from the code example bellow:
 void MyClass::exportTeX(const QString& fileName)
	QTeXPaintDevice tex(fileName, QSize(500, 400));
	QPainter paint.begin(&tex);
	// ... perform your painting operations here ...
QTeXEngine can generate TeX code using either Pgf or TikZ syntax. TikZ syntax is the default mode since the ouput files are more compact and easier to read.

example screenshot


QTeXEngine can be used on any platform supported by Qt.


QTeXEngine is available under two licenses: an open-source licence (GPL v. 3.0) and a commercial one. Please take a look at the Licensing section for more details.


Ion Vasilief